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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Your Zero-Tolerance Policy

Verbal and physical abuse by children, adults, or guests is not tolerated in any form on the playground or at Kiddy Club. We have the right to a safe, kind, and fun atmosphere for our staff and visitors. We have the right to ask any guest who violates this policy to leave our facility and be banned from all future visits. We are proud of our safe environment and committed excellence.

Why are socks required?

We like to maintain a high sanitary level to prevent spread of bacteria. By enforcing socks this limits the amount of outdoor substances being brought inside. You can bring your own clean socks, but just in case, we sell new socks at $2 per pair for your convenience.

Why are strollers not allowed passed the locker area?

For the same reason we do not allow outdoor shoes inside the play area.

Why are outside food and drinks not allowed?

Our food is highly selected to keep our guest in mind. The food that is selected is specially selected to keep the mess to the minimum. It also prevents any external and potentially dangerous food borne pathogens entering our facility. Baby formula is allowed and any special cases of food is at the discretion of the head manager. No exceptions we have the right to refuse and terminate your party if rules are violated.

Why are food and drinks not allowed in the play area? What if my child gets thirsty?

Food and drinks can pose a potential hazard in the play area. Often, kids will spill things or leave their food behind, which can cause injury if another child steps in it. We do a lot to maintain a clean facility, and we ask our guest to help us and keep Kiddy Club safe and clean. No exceptions we have the right to refuse and terminate your party if rules are violated.

Can I change a diaper in any of the play area?

No. We have a special baby changing station in each bathroom located in the back. They offer a clean environment to change a diaper. By changing your baby in the bathroom keeps the rest of the facility clean.

Why do you have a “You break it, you pay for it” policy?

The products that are used in the facility are specially ordered for our little guests, and they are not easily replaced. Unfortunately, we are unable to return damaged/broken items to the manufacture for a refund due to accidents. Yes, for any damage you or your guests cause to the facility will be billed to you. Please use our space with love and kindness.

Why do we need to remove our shoes in the locker area?

We want to keep all our guest’s feet clean. One pair of dirty shoes around the facility can make the floor dirty, causing dirty floors, socks, and feet. Please be mindful of other guests?

Why are adults not allowed inside the sandbox and the playground structure?

 Playground area are specially designed for children, not for adult use. Abuse and misuse of these play areas can lower the quality of the play area. Keeping off of the child areas lowers the cost of maintenance for the play area and extensive replacement of the equipment. Please help us keep the children safe.

What is Silica-free Sand? How is that even possible?

Our sand is held at the highest safety standard. Silica sand, the ones you find at the beach, have been recently found to be a respiratory irritant and a carcinogen. This sand is made from feldspar, which is safer alternative to regular sand. This special feldspar sand has the Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) and has been tested for purity of the feldspar.

What age is considered  full admission?

Our playground is designed for kids 0-7years old. Your child is charged full admission the day after their first birthday. Your child has access to whole play area up to the day before their 8th birthday.

It is possible to rent the whole place?

Yes, we recommend to rent whole facility especially in time of COVID for any celebration, company meeting, events...etc. For availability contact us 630-229-6247.

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